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Happy May Day - ok a day late but I was thinking about all of you!!  My kids and I used to run around, ringing doorbells and putting May baskets on steps - it was so fun. Does anyone do that anymore?  Mother's Day is just around the corner - This day is always a little tough for me since I really still miss my mom, I don't think anyone loves you with as much unconditional love as much as your mom does which is why I really miss her some days. No, she wasn't perfect but like she said "she did her best, at the time". Good mantra - Do the best you can at the time you are given. Memorial Day is also coming up. Mark makes it a point to make us visit all our loved ones in their resting place which I am glad to do. I wouldn't go if it weren't for him but I am glad it is important to him because then it's important to me. OK enough with the small talk, onto shop talk.

April was exciting with a Basic Patchwork class on Backing Batting and Binding by Annette. Her last class will be Machine Quilting and Binding on May 21 at 1:00.  Cost is $25.

Tia tought a Good Vibrations class featuring Ombre fabric. Thank you Tia.

The Retreat held on April 18 - 21 was a lot of fun with 16 attendees. A good majority of them came on Thursday so they got a lot done.  They played Where's Waldo - kitty version, and the classic Memory game.  They were good sports. We also found out about a great medication that works for back pain called Bear/Bare Bath and Body which turned out to be Bayer Back and Body but the other version seems like more fun. Thank you everyone for attending.  The next retreat will be held June 12 - 14. It is a Wednesday - Friday.

We starting our Long Arm Quilting Business. Thank you to everyone to has entrusted us with your precious quilts. We will do our best for you. Currently we are booked out until the middle of June - if you would like to make an appointment, call the shop. We are talking appointments and then will call you when to bring your quilt in. More info below.

Our Annual Quilt Show on June 1 at Little Opry Land, Tie One On Challenge and our FB Lives are happening! More info on all of that below.

Our hours will remain Tuesday - Friday from 9:30 am to 5:30 on mountain time. Look at our website calendar to see when we are open on Saturday.

Congratulations to Katelyn Meidinger, Cheri Greger, Kari Huber and Virginia Wock who are our May cash/check winners. 37 bolts were killed in April - Woo Hoo (our goal for May is 40!) Congratulations to Tia Honeyman, Carol Wilmes and Chris Kleinwachter who are our May Bolt Killer winners. You can come and pick up your prizes any time, please remind us that you won a prize! 

New items and fabrics are: Illuminations by Northcott - a Northern Lights line, Graveyard Ghouls, Hallowed Forest, and Holiday Farmhouse, Widebacks in Illumations.  NEW cutterpillar swivel rotating cutting mat. Go! kitten die. New patterns from Villa Rosa, Meags and Me,

May 21: Beginning Quilting / Binding. 1:00 pm, $25 

PLEASE RSVP by calling the shop if you would like to enroll in any classes. Thank you

Villa Rosa Pattern Club. You can receive 6 new patterns a month for $9 which includes shipping. Each month six new patterns will be sent to you. Call us for more details or to sign up. 701-974-7899

UFO club continues to inspire us to get things done. 

We are an AccuQuilt dealer and we will match the prices that are shown on their website plus we offer other incentives like stash cash. New Dies are the Kitten.

 Every Wednesday at 9:15 am - FB Live  at 9:15 am on Wednesdays. It is a less then 10 minute video on what is new and what is happening! is the address on Facebook.

We are going to be featuring about 10 - 12 items each week. They will be listed in a special category called Weekly Specials and New Items under Shop Now. We will list the new items that were shown on our FB Live plus 3 - 6 items that are deeply discounted for one week only or until they are gone. 


          We are excited to begin offering Long Arm Quilting Services.  Cost will be 2¢ a square inch for most edge to edge computer quilting. Add on Services will be Sew together backing - $5/seam, Binding - 10¢-20¢ inch, Pressing Back or Top - $10,  We still have a list of long arm quilters if you are interested in them or want custom quilting done. 

             Please call to make an appointment for your quilt. We will give you an approximate date. We will call you when we are ready to have you bring your quilt in. When you bring your quilt in, we will measure it and have you answer a few questions about quilt design, thread color ect.  and give you a date that we hope to have it finished by.


      Our annual quilt show will be held on June 1 at Little Opry Land. The quilts will be displayed outside (weather permitting).  Entry is $10 per item and you will receive one yard of fabric for each entry (your choice of any regular cotton, linen or flannel). You can enter up to 5 items. The only stipulation is that some part of the quilt needs to have some stash fabric in it!  Prizes will be awarded.  Entries can be brought to the stash the week of the show or that morning from 8 - 9. Entries can be picked up on June 1 after 2:30. Lunch will also be served from 10:30 - 1:30. Demos, deals and fun stuff will also be happening including a TIE ONE ON challenge.


The Challenge is to create a project using part or all of the Ties you receive. Your item can be a pot holder, runner or a King Size Quilt. Anything goes, Use your imagination. Prizes will be a minimum of a $50 gift certificate (all entry money will go back into prizes)

Challenge Rules:

  • Cost is $5 and you will receive three ties in your packet.
    • We will mail a packet for an extra $5.
  • You must use a portion of all three ties
  • You may add any fabric of your own.
  • Project must be finished. You can add embellishments.
  • No Minimum or maximum size requirement.
  • One entry per project
    • participants can purchase multiple packets
  • Entries can be dropped off May 28 – 31.
  • All projects will be displayed at our annual Quilt Show on June 1.
  • Projects must be picked up on June 1 after 2:30 pm


 Retreats will have less room for overnight guests. The Assumption Abbey has graciously allowed us to rent some rooms from them so that is an option also. There is also the Dwell in Richardton if people would like to stay there.  Retreats will be on a first come, first deposit, first saved basis.  Registration policy is a $50 nonrefundable deposit to save your spot. If you cancel before 10 days prior, you can transfer your deposit to another retreat.

The retreats will only be held if we have a minimum of 10 quilters including people who attend that are not staying.

You can register for any or all the retreats with a phone call - you can send a check for the deposit or give us a card number over the phone.  Any questions please call. 

2024 Retreats: Cost will be $225 for 3 days / 2 nights and 7 meals and $150 for 3 days, no lodging and 7 meals. Additional day charge is $25/day and $75/Night.

June 12 - 14   Room for Both            Aug 7 - 9    Room for Both          Sept 13 - 15 Room for Both       Oct 11 - 13 Room for Both            

Nov 15 - 17 Room for day quilters      Dec 6 - 8  Room for Both

If you are interested in booking your own retreat at Wix Lodge, go to their website

KEEP ON QUILTING - IT'S GOOD FOR YOU!!  Have a great month. 

Changing Block Sizes: The main thing to remember when you are going to change the size of a block is to subtract the seam allowance first, then multiply the finished dimensions by the desired number, then add the seam allowance again at the end. If you remember that basic idea, you can make almost any patchwork block at almost any size! (original cut size) - (Seam allowance) x (amount to increase) + seam allowance = New Cut Size

ASummary of Quilt Sizes: Quilts can be made in many different sizes but if you want one for your bed, you may need to do a little bit of math to figure out the best size. Borders are one of the easiest ways to adjust an existing quilt pattern to make it just the size you want. Here’s a basic formula to calculate the ideal quilt size for your bed.


Below is a list of the standard recommended sizes for bed quilts. A few inches difference in either direction is not cause for concern—you can decide if the standard size will work for you, or you can adjust by adding or subtracting block rows and borders. 

Mattress Size: Crib: 27"x52"    Youth: 33"x66"     Twin: 39"x80"   XL Twin: 39"x80"     Full/Double: 54"x75"   Queen: 60"x28"  King: 76"x80" California King: 72" x 84"

Mattress Depths: Standard: 7-9"   Deep: 10-15"    Extra Deep: 15" x 22"Crib/Toddler: 36” x 60”       Youth: 54” x 78”             Twin: 70” x 90”            Full/Double: 84” x 90”         Queen: 90” x 95”       King: 108” x 95”

California King: 108” x 108”

How to calculate Quilt Size for Bed Type (covereing mattress top, sides and foot): Measure mattress width (W), Lenth (L) and depth of mattress (D).   Formula is W + 2x D = ideal quilt width, L + D = Ideal quilt length.

Example: Mattress width of 60", length of 80:, depth of 12" 

  60" + (2x12" is 24) = 84" (ideal quilt width)   80" + 12" = 92" (ideal quilt length) so quilt pattern should ideally finish at 84"x92" You can add more for pillow tuck (10") or for a longer drop.

*Note – W = width, D = depth, L = length

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